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As in a journey through time, the rooms of Christian IX, Queen Louise and their descendants stand intactAs trade flourished and Malacca became more prosperous, Mansur Shah ordered the construction of a large and beautiful palace at the foot of Malacca HillThe rise of Malacca as a centre of Islam had a number of crucial implicationsMuch of the mercantile activity in Malacca, therefore, relied on the flow of goods from other parts of the regionThe Sultan sent an envoy headed by Tun Perpatih Putih to China, carrying a diplomatic a letter from the Sultan to the EmperorVisit the museum and experience royal life past and presentThe Malaccan army was unprepared for the surprise attack and the invasion concluded on 24 August when de Albuquerque's troops, marching six abreast through the streets, swept aside all resistanceIt heralded the golden age of Malay sultanates in the archipelago, in which Classical Malay became the lingua franca of the Maritime Southeast Asia and Jawi script became the primary medium for cultural, religious and intellectual exchangeBy 1288, Singhasari naval expeditionary forces successfully sacked Jambi and Palembang and brought Malayu Dharmasrayathe successor state of Srivijaya, to its kneesIn addition to Kitab Darul Manzum, the Malay Annals also mentions the Kitab al-luma' fi tasawwuf ('Book of Flashes'), a 10th-century treatise on Sufism by Abu Nasr al-Sarraj.[64]He was succeeded by his son, Sultan Mahmud Shah (rTwo years later, the legendary Admiral Zheng He made his first of six visits to Malacca.[19] Chinese merchants began calling at the port and pioneering foreign trading bases in MalaccaThe period saw the diversification of economic sources of the kingdom with the discovery of two tin mining areas in the northern part of the city, sago palms in the orchards and nipah palms lining in the estuaries and beachesBetween 1424 and 1433, two more royal visits to China were made during the reign of the third ruler, Raja Tengah (rSamad, Ahmad (1979), Sulalatus Salatin (Sejarah Melayu), Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, ISBN983-62-5601-6[permanent dead link] Abdul Rahman, Haji Ismail; Abdullah Zakaria, Ghazali; Zulkanain, Abdul Rahman (2011), A New Date on the Establishment of Melaka Malay Sultanate Discovered (PDF), Institut Kajian Sejarah dan Patriotisme ( Institute of Historical Research and Patriotism ), retrieved 4 November 2012[permanent dead link] Abshire, Jean EThese goods were then shipped to ports west of Malacca especially Gujarat.[38]At that time, Majapahit was already at a declining state and found itself unable to overcome on the rising power of the Malay sultanateThe indigenous inhabitants of the straits, the Orang Laut, were employed to patrol the adjacent sea areas, to repel other petty pirates, and to direct traders to Malacca.[17] Within years, news about Malacca becoming a centre of trade and commerce began to spread all over the eastern part of the worldMalacca sultanate heralded the golden age of Alam Melayu and became an important port in the far east during the 16th centuryIt established systems of trade, diplomacy, and governance that persisted well into the 19th century, and introduced concepts such as daulat a distinctly Malay notion of sovereignty that continues to shape contemporary understanding of Malay kingship.[6] The fall of Malacca benefited Brunei when its ports became a new entrept as the kingdom emerged as a new Muslim empire in the Malay Archipelago, attracting many Muslim traders who fled from the Portuguese occupation after the ruler of Brunei's conversion to Islam.[7][8]The friendly relations between China and Malacca escalated during the reign of Sultan Mansur ShahMalacca reached its height of glory at the beginning the middle of the 15th centuryBy about 1500, Malacca was at the height of its power and glory^ Barbara Watson Andaya; Leonard YOther foreign traders notably the Arabs, Indians, and Persians came to establish their trading bases and settle in Malacca, soaring its population to 2000.[20] In 1411, Parameswara headed a royal party of 540 people and left for China with Admiral Zheng He to visit the Ming court.[21] In 1414, the Ming Shilu mentions that the son of the first ruler of Malacca visited Ming court to inform Yongle that his father had died.[22]A memorial rock for the disembarkation point of Admiral Zheng He in 1405If they refuse and blindly hold to their ways, although the foreign yi are not used to using weapons, we will have to summon the various yi to arms, proclaim the crimes and punish the Fo-lang-ji, so as to make clear the Great Precepts of Right Conduct" Qiu Dao Long, the Investigating Censor of Ming, Ming Shilu, 13 January 1521[54]The kingdom conveniently controls the global trade vital choke point; the narrow strait that today bears its name, Straits of Malaccapp.159 9233bc153f

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